Brad Garrett Comedy Club Comedians Agree Text Kills

Darrell Joyce( and Omid Singh( share their point on Texting while driving.



Thank you both!


Jeb Bush listens about Text Kills


I had a brief but encouraging visit with Mr. Bush today.   Texting While Driving takes lives. Don’t do it.


Textie Suffers a Flattie


Oh my goodness!!!  On our way to Laguna Hills High School, Textie the hardworking Textkills Tourbus, has suffered a flat tire, just 2 exits away from our destination.   Waiting on roadside assistance.  Boohoo!  Anyone want to donate a tire? We now have no spare. :-(


Caltrans stops to assist, signs the bus.


The administration for Laguna Hills High School has arranged for Text Kills to participate in the schools annual “What – If?”  week, next week.    Text Kills  crew along with the Text Kills Bus is scheduled to appear and do our thing.   We look forward to this exciting engagement.  Stay tuned for photos from the event here, and in our flickr channel.

-Swerve the Gorilla

Anchorman Movie Star David Koechner Signs the Text Kills Bus

On Sunday, October 26th, 2014, comedic actor, Mr. David Koechner (Movie Star) was acting as Grand Marshall for the In Honor of Conor 4th Annual 5K Run/Walk.

Saddleback Valley Christian School Seniors (along with Wade), have something to say.

Join TEXT KILLS & Wade Sunday in Sherman Oaks to Honor Conor!!!

wade morgan wayne irving text kills

Join the Text Kills crew, with guest appearance by Wade Morgan, this Sunday at the ‘In Honor of Conor’ 4th Annual 5K run/walk. @inhonorofconor

Join Text Kills at 4th Annual ‘In Honor of Conor’ 5K Run/Walk

Please join us at Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park this coming weekend, Sunday October 26th, to honor Conor Lynch, a teenager who lost his life to a driver texting while he was out running.

The Conor Lynch Foundation has been established to support new and existing programs that raise awareness and promote the safety of runners, pedestrians, cyclists and young drivers. Your contribution, and events such as safety fairs and the annual 5K Run/Walk “In Honor Of Conor” directly benefit this foundation, and work to ensure that no family suffers a loss like this again.

Read about Conor [HERE]

[Register to Run HERE]



Twitter Handle: @InHonorOfConor

Facebook Page: Conor Lynch Foundation

Link to Facebook Page:




5th Annual National Distracted Driving Summit – OCT 20 – Wash. D.C.

come Join the NOYS this year

Teen Distracted Driving Summit

Text Kills to Conduct Safety Day – Saddleback Valley Christian School





On October 27th, Look for the Text Kills Bus and Crew, bringing simulators and guest speakers for a day full of presentations and simulators to our friends at:
Saddleback Valley Christian School
San Juan Capistrano, CA



Text Kills® Flickr

It’s Shamefully Legal To Text And Kill In These States:

Principal Tony Jordan
St. Margaret's Episcopal School (400 Students)
Esperanza High School(2400 Students/Staff)
JSerra High School(1200 Students/Staff)
Earl Reed & Staff(GM,Ontario VW)
Miles Brandon & Staff(Owner Capo VW)
Sabrina Lentini (Singer / Songwriter) Mayor John Taylor, San Juan Capistrano,CA
Trace Bundy (“The Acoustic Ninja”) Rick Allen (Drummer, Def Leppard) Randy Couture (UFC/Actor) Matt Hughes (UFC) Michael McDowell(NASCAR) Chase Miller(NASCAR) Tanner Foust (Top Gear/X-Games) Joe DiPenta (NHL) Vida Blue (MLB) Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) Connor De Phillippi (Porsche Cup - Rookie of Year) Ernie Reyes Jr. (actor) Ernie Reyes Sr (actor/sensei) KUSI News Director Steve Cohen KUSI Reporter Kerri Lane KUSI Reporter Bridget Naso Mike Niggli, President/COO of SDG&E Dave Geier, VP of SDG&E Crown Valley Parkway (Pop Band) Ugly Paint (Pop/Rock Band) LAPD President of Chiefs Of Police Southern Division Chief Steve Beeuswaert (CHP) AAA Auto Club of Southern California Conor Lynch Foundation (Founder) Drew's Voice (Founder) USA Gold Medalist Jake Varner USA Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs USA Gold Medalist Adeline Gray USA Silver Medalist Lashinda Demis USA Bronze Medalist Coleman Scott Rocky & Ricky Bonomo (HOF Wrestlers) Principal LeMaster, RBHS Rabbi Joesf, Chabad Academy S.D. O.C. Sheriff Deputy N. Beyer O.C. Sheriff Deputy H. Killion Brienne DuBois, Excelsior Academy S.D. Norte Dame Knights HS Football Team South East Warren HS Football Team Greg Gulas (Author/Activities Director Youngstown State) & more than 100,000 others... You should too! Text Kills®
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