‘Texting Kills’ Message Goes On The Road

'Texting Kills' Message Goes on the Road Text Kills In Laguna Niguel Patch

It is one of the easiest things to do while driving, but one of the most dangerous—texting.

But Wayne Irving II is trying to make the roads safer. He is CEO of Laguna Niguel-based Textkills.com and Iconosys, which developed SMS Replier and DriveReply, the smartphone app that combats distracted driving.

The textkills.com campaign started in 2009 when Irving saw how addicted his then 15-year-old daughter, Brynna, was to texting, he said.

“She was doing it at the dinner table, and then I started looking at statistics and knew I had to do something,” he said. “I think we all know someone who has been involved in some kind of accident that had to do with texting while driving.”

So, in May 2010, Irving and his partners began traveling the country  via their 36-foot, flat-nosed fleet textkills.com tour bus helping to promote no texting while driving.

“We were invited by the Department of Transportation to visit the White House,” Irving said. “It was an amazing cross-country tour that included 26 colleges, three high schools and more in 29 days. It was an effort to bring awareness to the youth that texting while driving is a dangerous and trivial act that can kill within seconds. We brought a lot of attention to the subject, but much more needs to be done.”


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